Farm3 Commitments

Futhermore, the Cube use and re-use pipped water as well as raining water because water is precious!

We have developed a new agriculture method allowing to save 99% water compare to traditional agriculture. 
We use the equivalent to a 1L bottle of water for our basilic to grow to its first harvest.


Closed System


The cube is modular and the volume of production can be  adjust to your needs.

Inside the Cube, everything is reusable from one culture to another, nothing goes to the waste bin. 


Zero Waste

Because the best waste is the one that does not exist!

Zero Food Waste
Because our food shouldn't end in a waste bin

Without GMO and without pesticide guaranteed! 
Our plants can be eaten immediatly after leaving the Cube

We are what we eat.

Our plants are nourrished with natural and organic nutrients ensuring a tasty and robust production.


Our plants don't need passport  


Each plant grow following a specific recipe to maximize its vitamins and other nutrients, thus its taste !


"You still wash your fruits?"

Return of the taste

Adopt the local cultivation! The cube can be installed anywhere, close to the selling or consumption place.

Zero Food Waste
Because our food shouldn't end in a waste bin

Zero Waste

Because the best waste is the one that does not exist!

Zero Food Waste
Because our food shouldn't end in a waste bin

Our Team

Romain Schmitt

Founder - CEO

Romain is a biologist but above all a gourmet, and it was his palate that had the idea of creating Farm3 while eating a countless tomato salad without taste.


His favourite fruit is the tomato, obviously!

Emilie Aubry

Lead Agronomist

Emilie has a PhD in plant biology. She makes sure our plants are healthy using the best nutritive and climatic receipes to ensure our plants have a delightful taste. 

If she had to choose only one of its favourite plant, it would be our star since the beginning: the basil!

Christopher Calif

Lead Developer

Christopher is a software and electronics expert.  He has found a meaning to his talents by putting them to use for the well-being of plants, in an environmentally friendly way.


His favourite plant is the biting Dionaea Muscipula

Elodie Casciola

Farm3.0 Developer

Elodie is an agronomist who fell in love with coding. Her unique combination of skills makes her an excellent developer. And we can see it on our design and practical cloud. 


Her favourite plant is the Edelweiss.

Olivia Amouzou

Business Developer

Olivia is passionate about the food industry, from production to marketing, and joined Farm3 after her agronomic studies for a work-sudy contract in business development.


Her favourite plant is thyme.

Erik Lima

Mechanical Engineer

Erik is our mechanical engineer. He builds houses for our plants so they feel like in a 5-star hotel. 

His favourite plant is the wild strawberry. 

Lise Alalouf

Communication & Marketing

After studying earth sciences, Lise decided to focus on drawing and communication. Her love for the plan(e)t led her to become a vegetarian and to join the Farm3 team!
Her favourite plant is mint (especially with chocolate).

Pascal Rey

Craftsman & Maintenance

Pascal is the dean of the team but also the athletic one.  His experience has made him multidisciplinary and crafty. It is innovation that makes him tick (like a drill) and that is why he joined the Farm3 team. 

His favorite plant is lemon basil.