The Cube is a vertical farm of 12 square meters, that can host up to 5000 plants, or 400 plants per square meter.


Completely modular: it can be installed everywhere, and many cubes can be put together for a larger harvest!




Total climatic control inside the Cube enable to grow plants from everywhere all year long.


Thanks to our robot, FarmHand, and to the numerous sensors inside the Cube, we can analyze specifically the needs of each plant.

logo_farm30_Plan de travail 1.png

Data are then sent to Farm3.0, our customer designed software, to let him supervise the plants from distance.   

Recipe creation

Our technology et our team of agronoms allows us to develop unique growing recipes (by a combination of climatic conditions et mix of nutriments) to make sure our plants have an outstanding taste


We can also develop  unique recipes for you: change color, orienting taste, increase rate of specific molecules, to create more efficient plants, in a natural way, without GMO.

in 3 sentences


Optimized performance of a production with organic nutrients, constant all year long


Closed System for a minimum waste of water, nutrients and energy


Simple and intuitive thanks to FarmHand and Farm3.0

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